Friday, January 13, 2017

2 Erotic Stories

Sex…with him was amazing!
Arienna never knew what sex with a caring
stranger was until she met Morgan. He
was a CEO of a competitive company
and he wanted Arienna to join his team
and his bed. The offer to come and work
for him was not something she wanted
to refuse.
What will be her decision?

Sophia thought she had everything she
ever desired…until she saw Avery again!

Sophia was a real estate agent strolling
through a large vacant mansion in
New York looking to make a quick
buck until she spotted her ex, Avery
Her heart pounded, and with an
elevated desire she attempted
to avoid Avery’s gaze as he
walked her through the engorged
home. Sophia discovered something
still existed between them as she
began to flee the house without
so much as a good-bye when he
brought up the past. She knew in her
heart that she wanted him back,
but he hurt her and left five years ago.
Can she forgive him or will she
turn him away?

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